Dragon Air Plano Texas HVAC repair in winter

Dallas HVAC in Winter.

The best way to maintain your HVAC Dallas units this winter is by having trained and certified Dragon Air technicians checking and testing them. The expertise and experience in most cases are very difficult to replace. In a long run, it does save you money. Just having the unit that performs at its best, year over year, maximizing dollar savings, can give you peace of mind and extra in your wallet.

HVAC in Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex is under high pressure every season, It’s too hot, or it is too cold. Very few spring and fall days in between. With that in mind, being prepared is a part of the process, and we are glad to help along the way.

The few nice days in Dallas that we get are a good opportunity to check your HVAC, before it starts working at full capacity. Scheduling a visit with Dragon Air is a breeze, and it won’t take too much time out of your daily and busy schedule. Give it a try.

A few things you can do on your own to maintain HVAC in winter, in Dallas and Fort Worth, can go long way. Many of our clients learned this over years, and Dragon Air is here for you to share the knowledge.

  • Close the darn door. With kids running in and out, those doors remain open all the time, inviting unwanted guests and cold air. It is not only about the cold air, but your HVAC will have to adjust accordingly and provide more hot air. If these adjustments are too frequent, then it does put additional stress on the unit to produce more.
  • The thermostat is in your home. You can control it. Making reasonable adjustments to temperature can help over longer stretches of time. Winter storms can last over a couple of days, so no need to adjust your thermostat more frequently than needed, in this case, the savings add up. A smart thermostat can help and maintain the temperature in a more balanced way, depending on needs at the moment. It also saves you from multiple trips to make adjustments. Please check with our technicians about this because we can really make it work for you.
  • Get things in order around the house. The AC unit is made to last, but a little bit of maintenance can prevent damages from falling branches. Maintaining your surroundings and removing potentially hazardous objects can prevent damage from happening.
  • Make it easier for HVAC to operate and change the air filter, per unit recommendation. While there are different recommendations around Texas, it really depends on your unit how often you’d have to change the filter. Check with our technicians about details.


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