Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Plano

Welcome to Dragon Air Services | AC & Heating Company, located in Plano, TX. We take pride in our work. We’re driven by our will to help others and are guided by our experiences.

We’ve served Plano and the surrounding areas with AC installation and AC repairs for years now.

Our specialty is AC Services (AC Diagnostics, AC Repair, AC Installation ) and Heating Services (Heater Diagnostics, Heater Repair, Heater Installation). 

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Dragon Air Services is thrilled to share that we offer a comprehensive range of HVAC services. Our dedication to quality work and competitive pricing has earned us glowing testimonials and referrals from clients across Texas, making us a leading HVAC company in the region. If you're a homeowner in need of top-notch maintenance and repair services for your heating and cooling systems, don't hesitate to reach out to us for unparalleled AC and heating solutions!

Air Conditioning & Duct Repair

Dragon Air Services takes pride in offering top-tier air conditioning and duct repair services, renowned for their effectiveness and thoroughness. Our commitment to identifying and addressing the root cause of any issue ensures that once fixed, the problem stays fixed. Our comprehensive service checklist includes tasks like cleaning the condenser coil, inspecting the compressor, evaluating the condenser fan, checking wiring, voltage, and amperage, assessing operating pressures, examining the capacitor, verifying the thermostat, inspecting air filters, and conducting a complete system operation check. This meticulous approach allows us to provide an accurate diagnosis before proceeding. To experience our exceptional service firsthand, feel free to request a quote or schedule an appointment today!

Heating & Furnace

Dragon Air Services approaches heating and furnace services with the same level of precision and systematization. Our process includes a thorough inspection of air filters, vent pipes, and draft motors, along with cleaning the flame sensor, checking safety controls, and evaluating the gas valve and pressure. These steps are crucial in accurately pinpointing any issues. Once a diagnosis is made, our skilled technicians, all of whom are EPA certified, promptly address the problem. Our team is adept at handling a wide array of emergencies, ensuring that we're prepared for any situation. We are committed to working closely with you, guaranteeing not just our full support but also your complete satisfaction with our services.

As a homeowner, there comes a time when you might need someone you can trust for the installation or repair of your heating and air conditioning system. We’re here for you, and we’d be honored to help. Let’s connect and discuss how we can assist you.

Heating & Cooling Services in Plano

The heating and cooling systems installed in a home are responsible for maintaining the temperature. Whenever a problem occurs, it should be dealt with in an efficient manner to avoid any serious hazards.  If you own a living space or are building one, you may need to install heating and cooling systems in your home. With that said, most of us value trust and partnership when it comes to taking care of our family’s comfort. We are a 5-star rated business and will get your system repaired in Plano, or other surrounding areas in Collin County.

The DFW area has many AC and heating businesses and we’ve worked quite hard to maintain a brand name for ourselves. We provide sustainable solutions keeping in view factors such as cost determinants, the size of the living area, consumer needs and wants. We’d like to think that our fair rates and unparalleled services have stood us apart. Thank you for considering hiring us!

Furnace & Air Conditioner in Plano

Furnace and air conditioner are two of the most vital organs of your living space, a house or an apartment. In the summers, the air conditioning unit almost constantly works to provide us with a chilled environment. In contrast, to stay warm and cozy during winter days, we switch our furnace or heaters on. Furnace or heaters can run on either electricity or gas.

The importance of furnace and air conditioner is obvious, the fact that if they stop working due to any reason, the overall temperature of the living space becomes uncomfortable. To avoid situations like these, people maintain their units throughout the seasons.

If you are interested in hiring a trustworthy AC company to maintain your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in Plano, TX (or really anywhere in Collin county) look to us to fulfill that duty!