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A programmable thermostat is a thermostat with the ability to adjust home heating and cooling equipment according to a pre-set schedule. For instance, a programmable thermostat could be set to maintain a home temperature of 72 degrees throughout the day, and 65 degrees from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. every night.  

How to save money with a programmable thermostat  

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could save as much as 10% on your home heating and cooling costs each year, simply by adjusting your thermostat 7–10 degrees from its normal setting for eight hours a day. For example, if you normally keep the house at 74 degrees, you could program your thermostat to turn the temperature down to 67 degrees at night, since cooler temperatures are more conducive to sleep.    

A programmable thermostat is a thermostat which is designed to adjust the temperature according to a series of programmed settings that take effect at different times of the day. Programmable thermostats are also known as setback thermostats or clock thermostats.  

Heating and cooling losses from a building (or any other container) become greater as the difference in temperature increases. A programmable thermostat allows reduction of these losses by allowing the temperature difference to be reduced at times when the reduced amount of heating or cooling would not be objectionable.  

For example, during cooling season, a programmable thermostat used in a home may be set to allow the temperature in the house to rise during the workday when no one will be at home. It may then be set to turn on the air conditioning before the arrival of occupants, allowing the house to be cool upon the arrival of the occupants while still having saved air conditioning energy during the peak outdoor temperatures. The reduced cooling required during the day also decreases the demands placed upon the electrical supply grid.  

Conversely, during the heating season, the programmable thermostat may be set to allow the temperature in the house to drop when the house is unoccupied during the day and also at night after all occupants have gone to bed, re-heating the house prior to the occupants arriving home in the evening or waking up in the morning. Since (as a matter of sleep hygiene) people sleep better when the bedroom is cool, and furthermore the temperature differential between the interior and exterior of a building is the greatest on a cold winter night, this reduces energy loss.  

Similar scenarios are available in commercial buildings, with due consideration of the building’s occupancy patterns.  

According to Consumer Reports magazine, programmable thermostats can reduce energy bills by about $180 a year. 

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