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Give us a call and let us take the stress out of AC or Duct repair for you. If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you are close. Our Plano office is staffed with certified, trained, and experienced HVAC technicians, ready to help at any time of the day.

AC & Duct Repair Services | We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with sudden AC and Duct repairs. When we dispatch our technicians to help with repairs, they come with years of experience in Plano, Texas, and surrounding towns helping people with repairs and advice.

The AC (Air Conditioner) system maintains the right temperature in your home, and most issues that happen with it are actually preventable with the right maintenance. Let us keep you warm, or cool, by maintaining your air conditioner unit. 

We offer all sorts of AC services to our customers including air conditioning installation, air conditioning repair, or regular maintenance. Call Dragon Air today and avoid any AC problems from happening.

We will suggest you the right air conditioning unit for your living space after analyzing certain factors, such as requirements, energy load, cost, and other determinants. We assure you of top-quality work and the most reasonable prices.  Our commitment, passion, and devotion to work stand us apart from the competitor air conditioning maintenance companies in Plano, TX.

Dragon Air is your local Plano, Texas AC & Duct repair service.

If you are a new homeowner looking for local air conditioning installers or searching for a reliable air conditioner repair service provider In Plano and other areas of Texas, you have come to the right place! We are known as the most dependable and trusted air conditioning services provider in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex offering the ultimate AC installation and repair services to its clients.

We believe in putting the customers first and provide services resulting in customer satisfaction. Call us right now to book an appointment or request a free quote from us. 

We are a fair-priced Air conditioner repair company in Plano, TX and we do not have any hidden service charges. Our team consists of certified, trained and experienced local air conditioning installers working hard to help you with your HVAC needs!

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Dragon Air Services, LLC is gratified to announce it to its potential customers that we are regarded as the best service provider among all of the local AC repair companies in Plano, TX. Our hard-working nature, customer-centric services, and proactive business approach have made us a leading AC repair service provider in Dallas, TX.
Our immense popularity is all due to the professionalism of our local AC repair team. We believe in delivering only quality work.

At Dragon Air Services we understand it well that at times the homeowners have to work in a tight budget, for this reason, we try our best to provide our worthy customers the most economical AC installation and repair services. These are the reasons that we are becoming the number one consumer choice for the air conditioner installation and AC repair services in Plano, Dallas and other areas of Texas.

For All Your AC & Duct Repair Services | Dragon Air Services Is Here

Owning a home is great, but it comes with many responsibilities. From the roof, down to the carpet, there’s a lot of air that has to be just right. 

Let Dragon Air help you with the AC maintainenace service, so you can focus on your family and work. 

We provide the ultimate home AC repair and service to our customers in Plano, TX , ensuring your home is comfortable for you and your family.

Dragon Air guarantees full repair and no underlying issues left behind. Dragon Air guarantees the best possible option for your repair with no extra cost involved.

Call today for a quote and our Plano AC repair team will be on its way.

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AC and duct repair services

One of the most important parts of the residential HVAC system is the AC duct, the ductwork around the house responsible for the proper air flow. While installing an air conditioning system, it is also important to look for the best service provider that has a proven experience in laying the ductwork around the house. If you are a homeowner, looking for a professional air conditioning service for duct installation around the house, Dragon Air and its certified and experienced HVAC technicians are at your service.

Our track record is the speaking-proof of all the years we have spent in the HVAC installation and repair industry providing the most reliable services to our clients without even once compromising on the quality of the work. Whether you need to hire us for the duct installation service or the duct repair in Plano, TX and surrounding areas, we will be quite pleased to work with you!

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