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In Texas, everything is different. While one part of the state is enjoying the Sun, the other part is going through a winter storm. Sometimes all of Texas is experiencing a winter storm. It happens. When furnaces kick in, usually hot air is coming out, protecting everyone in your home from cold. Well, how cold can it be in Texas? If we’re talking about this century, really cold, and very recently. We were freezing our a**es off. Yes, that cold. In cold temperatures like these, you need a working furnace in your Plano Texas home.

So, furnaces. In technical terms, they work just fine. Just give a bit of space they will operate day and night, if needed. Now, what to do if you think that somethin’ was wrong here? First of all, you’ll notice it quickly. It’s cold.


As you may have noticed in Plano, Texas, electricity can go out and never come back. Almost never, but that’s what it felt like. Now, if there’s electricity in your home, but something does not feel right, like lights flickering when your system turns on. That’s when you call a licensed technician or electrician. Here at Dragon Air Services we have both, licensed and experienced. Here’s a bit o’ video going over basic electric components of your home.


The Electrical Safety Foundation cites:

  • Electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in an estimated 43,700 home fires 
  • These fires caused 430 deaths and 1,620 injuries
  • Causing approximately $1.5 billion in property damage


Sometimes a furnace will kick in, but there’s a bit of noise around it. For example: popping sounds – the ductwork expanding and contracting as it heats and cools, Rattlin’ – something may be loose, Squealing – if it’s not your neighbor’s cat, the belt may need replacement, and Grinding – the motor bearings may need repair.

On and Off Rapidly

In the case of a furnace turning on and off again too quickly (rapid cycling), many causes can exist. The first may be a dirty or worn-out air filter. If you haven’t replaced it within very recent memory, try doing so — it’s a quick and easy fix. Using old filters puts more stress on the compressor and can lead to mechanical failures over time.


If you smell gas, not good, leave home immediately. 

  • Get your family out immediately.
  • Do not turn on or off any lights – the small electrical arc created could cause the gas to ignite.
  • Do not turn on the stove.
  • If windows are open, leave them. If you are able to open a few windows on the way out the door, then do so, but quickly.
  • Do not use the phone or cell phone in your house.
  • If the car is in the garage, leave it. Starting the car could cause an explosion — so could the mere act of opening the garage door using the door opener.
  • Go to your neighbor’s or outside to call for service.
  • Consider keeping the family out of the house if the service call is delayed. Plan to stay elsewhere until the gas leak is fixed.
  • Only turn off your gas if it is safe to do so. And call an emergency team right away. [source: How to turn off your gas meter]

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