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HVAC and Air Balancing

Making sure that air is properly and evenly distributed throughout the home is called Air balancing. Similar to Air Jordan, but not quite there. For proper HVAC air balancing, there are a couple of things you can try in order to learn how to balance the air in your home. The steps are simple, but can help you in a long run to save your equipment, money, and mind.

Registers, those little openings on your ceiling, sometimes collecting a bit of dust, are a simple way to play with the air flow. Close one, open others, and see what happens. It may require a chair to reach the openings, so be careful. Even better, let Dragon Air do it for you.

Filters, c’mon, the easiest way to keep things in order, neat and clean, healthy and breathable. While HVAC systems are getting standardized more with every legislative session in Texas, meaning one size fit all, it is still far from it, so just make sure you are getting the right filter. They are all flat, so it is a good start.

Install window coverings. Now, this is not a reference to Windows 95, which is also outdated, if you were asking. Put something on your windows, make sure they are not cracked, bent, damaged, or otherwise improper. Seeing through your windows is one thing. Feeling cold air coming in is completely another.

Gotta have a fan in your home. It’s Texas. Plenty of Cowboys fans, anyway. Here’s the thing you were probably wondering: is it clockwise in Winter, and counter-clockwise in Sumer? Yes, that is it, no mystery to it. You can distribute that hot air like a pro, because every true fan needs a pro.

Fix Your Duct Work. I mean, hello, does anyone actually can claim they want to be up there, moving stuff and adjusting what needs to be adjusted. Yes, Dragon Air Services, a Texas HVAC native, was born for doing it. Or at least paid. Because paying an expert to do things for you may be cheaper in a long run than trying to fix it yourself.

Now, we don’t have to have a winter storm in order for your unit to malfunction. If your heating bill is higher during normal Texas winter, chance is, you may have to replace the unit. That’s where Dragon Air comes in. We can inspect your home and offer suggestions. In some cases you don’t have to replace the furnace, for example. Dragon Air’s certified HVAC technicians, available across Dallas – Fort Worth area, can assist and make repairs that will extend the life of your HVAC units.

Dragon Air is a family-owned business located in the heart of Plano. We specialize in residential Air Conditioning and Heating repairs, Air Conditioning, and Heating replacements, and Air conditioning and Heating service. Our expert technicians pride themselves in providing honest diagnostics so our customers can make educated decisions on what’s best for them. If you are in need of HVAC air balancing, AC repair or Furnace repair in Plano or surrounding cities call us today at 214-790-9872 to schedule an appointment.