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Savings with AC in Texas

Let’s talk about the AC savings (saving money) in Texas. Small changes can save you money and provide you with the comfort you need in Texas summer. It is hot here, in Plano Texas, and it is about to get hotter. When we service HVAC in cities around Plano, like Carrollton, Farmers Branch, or Dallas, our certified technicians get to see everything. Over the years we learned so many good things we can share with you. Here are a few good things you can do to save money on your AC in the summertime.

Check your system annually

The first step to the AC savings in Texas is a no-brainer. It’s almost like a regular checkup with your doctor, just making sure everything is OK and in place. AC systems can last for a long time but, I bet ya, they can last even longer with proper maintenance. Just making sure everything is in place will prevent the AC from trying to work too hard, and limiting its lifespan. 

Programmable thermostat

Remember TiVo? Those little machines were able to record TV shows at the scheduled times, with very little effort. It’s the same concept with programmable thermostats, set it up and ease your mind about the extra money you’d be spending on electricity when not at home.

Thermostat is too low

When it gets hot, and in Texas, it does get hot really fast, no need to go low, low, low with your thermostat. Well, it may make sense to go low, like really low, just to get some cold air in, but giving it a bit of time, over a period of time, you’d have your perfect indoor temperature anyways. No need to go deep freezer in your living room.


Plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans around Plano and surrounding cities we service daily, but the fans we are referring to are those on the ceiling. They are in every home and almost every room. It is an easy way to marry two different systems together, your AC and fans, so your home can have more cold air at affordable prices (unless it is winter in Texas – it can get expensive really fast during winter storms, but you know that already).

Cooling empty rooms

Cooling empty rooms is not cool. They are empty for a reason. No need to fill them up with precious cold air when you can use it elsewhere in your home. Close the doors, ceiling vents, and let the air flow towards you.

Blinds and Curtains

This is actually a big one, and so easy to set up. Put a couple of layers of something between you and the Sun. One example of it may be the foil paper people sometimes put on their windows in order to reflect the sun’s rays away. May not look nice, but some white curtains inside your home may do the trick. Pinterest is full of advice on home decoration. Who knows, we may put some here on the website.

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