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Other types of air conditioners for Plano, Texas

Let’s understand other types of air conditioners available for Plano. Everything from the ductless split AC systems to Geothermal cooling.

Even when it’s Fall time in Texas, it is still Summer. Or Winter. Sometimes it is easier to guess by just looking at the front lawn. If the grass is burned, yeah, Summer is not over yet. Living and working in Plano, Texas and neighboring cities, like Carrollton, Addison, Arlington, and other cities ending with –on, taught us to pay attention to the weather and its extremes. 

AC is one way to stop the heat or to kick it out, but not all systems are the same. Here’s a list of possibly less used AC units around Plano Texas.  

Ductless Split System Air Conditioners 

Mini: This term refers to the fact that the outside unit of a mini-split system, technically called a condensing unit or condenser, is smaller than a standard split system outside unit. The maximum capacity of a mini-split system is less than the capacity of a standard split system. It’s more compact, and it can be installed on the ground, an outside wall, or the roof. 

Split: This term means the system has an outside unit, the condensing unit, and an indoor unit called the evaporator or air handler. This differs from a package unit where the heat source and air handler are combined in one large cabinet. Each mini-split condenser works with up to eight air handlers in separate rooms or zones. Evaporators are installed in the ceiling (small), high on a wall (small and medium), or on the floor (large) based on project requirements. 

Ductless: Mini-split systems are also called ductless systems because no ductwork is required. The refrigerant carries heat from the condenser to the evaporator when heating (heat pumps only) and from the evaporator to the condenser when cooling (AC-only and heat pump models) through separate lines installed through the wall (preferred) or roof (some commercial installations). An electrical power line runs between the two. A drain line from the evaporator runs to the outside to drain condensation when the unit is air conditioning and dehumidifying the space. 

Source: Lowes

Package Terminal Air Conditioners 

Often abbreviated as PTAC, packaged terminal air conditioner units are energy-efficient solutions to cooling and heating spaces without the need for ductwork. Whether you’re renovating an old home, replacing an existing model, or outfitting the guest room for family and friends, packaged terminal air conditioners are the answer to providing your space with long-term comfort. 

Source: Amazon

Typically used in the hotel industry or for homes that lack central air conditioning, packaged terminal air conditioner units are space-saving appliances that provide powerful relief—whether it be heating or cooling—to the rooms they are in. These ductless ACs are designed for through-the-wall installations close to the floor of your room, with the exterior grill facing outside and the controls facing the room. 

From installation tips to brand comparisons, if you’re on the hunt for a new packaged terminal air conditioner and aren’t sure where to begin, this article will provide you with everything you need to know. 

Evaporative or “Swamp” Coolers 

The best portable swamp coolers can create a cooling ocean breeze within your home, which will be welcome as the depths of summer approach. They’re also pretty eco-friendly appliances, as they don’t use coolants or compressors to bring the air temperature down. Plus, they won’t leave unwanted moisture on your furniture or floors and can work away quietly in the background of your home. 

Source: Amazon

Geothermal cooling 

A ground source heat pump takes advantage of the naturally occurring difference between the above-ground air temperature and the subsurface soil temperature to move heat in support of end uses such as space heating, space cooling (air conditioning), and even water heating. A ground source or geoexchange system consists of a heat pump connected to a series of buried pipes. One can install the pipes either in horizontal trenches just below the ground surface or in vertical boreholes that go several hundred feet below ground. The heat pump circulates a heat-conveying fluid, sometimes water, through the pipes to move heat from point to point. 

Source: EPA

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