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Common types of air conditioning units in Plano, Texas

Let’s observe the common types of air conditioning units in Plano, TX, and learn a thing or two about them so you can make an educated decision when purchasing one.

There’s a lot of hot air in Texas, no matter the season. Accordingly, there are so many ways to move it around. Our last article went over AC units that may not be in use as much around Plano, Texas, and other areas we service with our certified technicians.  

This time let’s look at more common AC units in use here in Texas.  

Window Air Conditioners (common type of an AC unit)

Single room air conditioners can be a very affordable way to cool down a room or part of your house, condo, or apartment. Unlike whole-house central air conditioners meant to cool an entire house, they focus on cooling just one area. This means they don’t require routing ductwork throughout the house. And, because of their limited capacity, they only consume a portion of the energy compared to whole-house air conditioners. 

Relative to central AC, they are affordable to buy, install, and operate. 

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Central Air Conditioning (another realtively common type of an AC unit)

Central air conditioners circulate cool air through a system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts and registers (i.e., openings in the walls, floors, or ceilings covered by grills) carry cooled air from the air conditioner to the home. This cooled air becomes warmer as it circulates through the home; then it flows back to the central air conditioner through return ducts and registers. To learn how central air conditioners compare to other cooling systems, check out our Energy Saver 101 Infographic: Home Cooling. 

Air conditioners help to dehumidify the incoming air, but in extremely humid climates or in cases where the air conditioner is oversized, it may not achieve a low humidity. Running a dehumidifier in your air-conditioned home will increase your energy use, both for the dehumidifier itself and because the air conditioner will require more energy to cool your house. A preferable alternative is a dehumidifying heat pipe, which can be added as a retrofit to most existing systems. 

If you have a central air system in your home, set the fan to shut off at the same time as the compressor, which is usually done by setting the “auto” mode on the fan setting. In other words, don’t use the system’s central fan to provide air circulation — use circulating fans in individual rooms. 

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Portable Air Conditioners 

Portable air conditioners are great cooling solutions for single rooms and can assist a struggling central HVAC system. They’re commonly used in bedrooms, dens, computer rooms, garages, and many other places. 

A portable air conditioner (PAC) is a self-contained portable system ideal for cooling single rooms. They typically sit on the floor and come with an installation kit for quick setup. Most models also have wheels so you can move them to different rooms, making them a nice alternative to window units. 

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Through-the-wall Air Conditioners 

Through the wall air conditioners are installed into an exterior wall. They require a permanent opening in a wall and thus are not suitable if you’re renting a place. 

On the other hand, window air conditioners are installed within the boundaries of the window frame, but they block your view from the window. These air conditioners do not require permanent installation and can be removed easily.

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