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Ductless and ventilation systems 

Living and working in Plano, Texas and neighboring cities, like Carrollton, Addison, Arlington, and other cities ending with –on, taught us to pay attention to weather and its extremes. 

Ductless Split System Air Conditioners and ventilation systems are commonly units used in north Texas, Dallas and surrounding cities. 

Mini: This term refers to the fact that the outside unit of a mini-split system, technically called a condensing unit or condenser, is smaller than a standard split system outside unit. Maximum capacity of a mini split system is less than the capacity of a standard split system. It’s more compact, and it can be installed on the ground, an outside wall or the roof. 

Split: This term means the system has an outside unit, the condensing unit, and an indoor unit called the evaporator or air handler. This differs from a package unit where the heat source and air handler are combined in one large cabinet. Each mini-split condenser works with up to eight air handlers in separate rooms or zones. Evaporators are installed in the ceiling (small), high on a wall (small and medium) or on the floor (large) based on project requirements. 

Ductless: Mini-split systems are also called ductless systems because no ductwork is required. Refrigerant carries heat from the condenser to the evaporator when heating (heat pumps only) and from the evaporator to the condenser when cooling (AC-only and heat pump models) through separate lines installed through the wall (preferred) or roof (some commercial installations). An electrical power line runs between the two. A drain line from the evaporator runs to the outside to drain condensation when the unit is air conditioning and dehumidifying the space. 

Installing a ventilation system can not only make your home feel less stuffy, but also expel allergy-aggravating pollutants along with stale indoor air. And since they transfer moisture and energy from outgoing air to the incoming fresh air, ventilators help reduce heating and cooling costs while keeping humidity levels in check.  

Ventilation systems have the added benefit of not producing ozone, a lung irritant that’s a byproduct of many other systems on the market. This ensures you’re always breathing fresh, healthy air inside your home. 

Our certified AC technicians can work with you on your AC tune-up across Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex. Probably the best preventive maintenance option is simply to have an AC professional take a look and make sure your system is set up in the best possible way, providing enough unobstructed air to you and your home. Dragon Air Services technicians are trained and licensed to help you with inspecting AC, and answering your questions. Having a professional answering your AC questions, all around Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, can just give you peace of mind and working AC. 

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