Dust and particles in Texas

Dust and Particles

Dust is made of fine particles of solid matter. On Earth, it generally consists of particles in the atmosphere that come from various sources such as soil lifted by wind (an aeolian process), volcanic eruptions, and pollution. Dust in homes is composed of about 20–50% dead skin cells. The rest, and in offices, and other human environments is composed of small amounts of plant pollen, human hairs, animal fur, textile fibers, paper fibers, minerals from outdoor soil, burnt meteorite particles, and many other materials which may be found in the local environment. 

Cosmic dust, also called extraterrestrial dust or space dust, is dust which exists in outer space, or has fallen on Earth. Most cosmic dust particles measure between a few molecules and 0.1 mm (100 micrometers). Larger particles are called meteoroids. Cosmic dust can be further distinguished by its astronomical location: intergalactic dust, interstellar dust, interplanetary dust (such as in the zodiacal cloud) and circumplanetary dust (such as in a planetary ring). 

Particles are tiny substances measuring less than 100 microns in diameter. Indoor air can be filled with particles, some of which can be seen with the naked eye, such as dust and dirt. Others can only be seen with a microscope, such as bacteria and viruses, which typically measure only one micron or smaller in diameter. All of these airborne particles can have significant impacts on your family’s health and comfort. 

Are there harmful particles in my home’s air? 

Indoor air pollutant levels can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels. 

Airborne pollutants include anything from larger particles like dust, pollen and pet dander to nearly invisible particles like bacteria, mold and chemical vapors. 

Left unfiltered, these tiny particles can lead to health problems such as allergies. They can also aggravate asthma and other respiratory illnesses, causing damage to furniture, flooring and creating unpleasant odors in your home. 

How to rid your home’s air of harmful particles 

Whole-home air filtration systems work with your heating and cooling system to capture harmful particles and prevent them from recirculating through your home’s air. The Healthy Climate® HEPA bypass filtration system is 99.97% efficient at removing particles and bioaerosols down to 0.3 micron in size.  

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